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Growing a following is hard work. People follow only when you follow them. Then it becomes a game of ding dong ditch. Where each person is waiting for the best moment to ditch the other. 

Truth is…your content could be great. You could be posting all the time and still see no growth. It’s psychological. No one wants to be the first to follow you. Well, beyond your parents and best friend. But those who don’t know you are making quick split second decisions. 

If they see no one is following you they assume there is no reason for them to and they leave too. But when you have thousands of followers and likes you pique their curiosity. They think who is this obviously popular person. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does it work? You pay for the number of followers or likes that you want. On the order form you enter the URL you want us to send your followers to. We do not need your login information. We then use a proprietary system for attracting followers to your page. Allow 7 business days for completion.
  2. Why choose us? We are based in the US (Atlanta, GA) and have tested this system thoroughly to ensure that it works in compliance with legal guidelines. We offer a secure payment process through our third party vendor. In addition our website has SSL security which means that none of your information is exposed. We never sell anyone’s information. You may get an email from us about our promotions.
  3. How many followers should I buy? Well that depends. Think about accounts you follow. What number do you see that is impressive? Consider that when you are making your decision. We typically recommend 1000 or more as these numbers are what impress people the most.
  4.  Why buy followers, shouldn’t I just get them organically? Buying followers is like adding fuel to the fire. Organic growth is slow. You are still using organic methods to grow your following. Even with great content it can take months before you see any real increase to your followers. Furthermore, many may not follow because you don’t have followers. This is a means to an end. It’s getting the followers you need so you can get the followers you want.
  5. Is this legal? Absolutely! There is nothing illegal about what we are doing or you paying to get followers or likes. Now, is it frowned upon by some. Sure. But to each it’s own. You will be surprised who all uses our services. Most accounts are well respected, content rich accounts that have leveraged our service to catapult their business or persona quicker than organic growth would have allowed.
  6. I got my followers. But checked today and now some are gone. What happened? We understand how disconcerting this can be. The key to remember is these are real accounts. And people follow and unfollow all the time. If you see greater than 10% decrease reach out to us at We will help to rectify this. 
  7. I don’t have any posts yet. Should I buy followers now or after I have more posts? That’s a great question. We recommend posting 8 – 10 times before adding followers. People follow because of your content. If there is no content then there is no reason to follow.
  8. Are these bots? No! We use an advertising method that gets you real accounts. We never have nor will we ever use bots. Real accounts only.
  9. Will my social media account get shut down or banned? No. These are real accounts. There is nothing illegal or against their terms of service that we do. None of your accounts will get banned or blocked as a result or using our services.
  10. I want to set up recurring services so I can increase my following incrementally over time. Wow, that’s phenomenal! We offer a 5% discount for recurring monthly accounts. Email us at and we will get you all set up.
  11. I don’t see my question. Shoot us an email or call us at 404-835-0598. We are open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm eastern standard time.

Our Price Plan


  • 500 Followers -$15.00
  • 1000 Followers -$25.00
  • 2500 Followers -$50.00
  • Guaranteed real accounts!
  • Safe & Secure Payment Processing
  • 7 Day completion


  • 500 Page Likes - $17.00
  • 1000 Pages Likes - $100
  • 2500 Page Likes - $200
  • Guaranteed real accounts!
  • Safe & Secure Payment Processing
  • 7 Day completion


  • 250 Subscribers -$80.00
  • 500 Subscribers - $120.00
  • 1000 Subscribers - $200.00
  • Guaranteed real accounts
  • Safe & Secure Payment Processing
  • 7 Day Completion



We do not take orders over the phone. We will never ask for your login info.

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Billing Form